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Standing on Our Own Two Feet

In an effort to reduce our reliance on grants and donations, which are inherently unreliable, In 2 Life is working on several commercial ventures which deliver funding to the charity in the form of profits, revenue sharing and donations in exchange for services.


In 2 Life often partners with prominent clearance houses to provide top quality merchandise at radically reduced prices.

You may even be here to check out if an offer you received is genuine.

Our current offer has been included below.

Online Marketing

Because the work we do is too important to be hampered by lack of funding, In 2 Life is working with a large group of Work for the Dole participants on a diverse range of projects, including, business directories, information products and online auctions.

It's only early days, but we are on our way and will commercialise many projects in 2019, and we hope you will be a part of our future by supporting our offerings as they are made available.

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