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About In 2 Life Inc

In 2 Life is governed by a Board of Management, who meet regularly to provide leadership and community expertise.

Formed in 2001, In 2 Life is an independent, non-profit organisation operating early intervention mentoring programs and various life skills programs for young people, aged 12-16.

In 2 Life engages with up to 300 young people a week and contributes to the well-being of a further 300 family members.

In 2 Life operates the following programs:

  • Youth Suicide Prevention Programs
  • Volunteer Mentor Support Programs
  • Employed youth workers as mentors, for high and complex needs children and young people
  • High School seminars
  • Mentoring young people into employment

In 2 Life partners with local organisations nationally, in their own particular region, to operate the Rush volunteer mentoring programs.

Our History

In 2 Life was founded in 2001, in South Australia.

The first program, Rush, has grown to include schools in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. Rush provides a vital school and community-based mentoring program, to assist in the reduction of social/emotional problems of youth, through building resilience.

Other programs include the Aspire Leadership Seminars for schools students. These seminars focus on preventative factors, such as building strong bonds within the family, friends and community, as well as academic success and civic leadership.

To celebrate the capacity of young people, In 2 Life also created the highly successful Youth Awards Showcase and If I Were Premier For A Day program.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

1300 463 686


450 Pulteney Street

Adelaide SA 5000

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