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South Australia (Head Office)

Address: 450 Pulteney St Adelaide SA 5000

Phone:   1300 463 686 


You can also use the form on the lower left side of this page to send general enquiries to In 2 Life.

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In 2 Life operates branches across Australia in partnership with community centres, associations and religious organizations.


Effecting the franchise model, In 2 Life is able to provide information and the training necessary to establish a mentoring program in your location.


If you are considering a mentoring program as the way of establishing or developing a new or existing youth program, please contact us in the State near you.

National Head Office
450 Pulteney St, Adelaide SA 5000
P: 1300 463 686 

South Australia

Employment Services
(Work for the Dole Offices)


3 Charlotte St, Smithfield 5114
0499 467 454


3 Butler Dr, Hendon SA 5014

0481 461 998


Victorian State Office

11 Clarence Street

East Bentleigh 3165

P: 1300 463 686 


Preventing Suicide in Youth
(PSY) Office

12 Arundel St, Vic 3977

Nichole Hussey

M: 0421 404 554

New South Wales


Hunter Valley
Sue Prosser
M: 0410 586 543

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